What our Members have to Say

Joining IHPN was one of the best business decisions I have made as an independent LTC pharmacy owner. IHPN has saved me thousands of dollars by helping negotiate better terms with my wholesaler than I could have ever achieved on my own. Plus, IHPN does a periodic business review to ensure that I am getting the terms and rebates due our pharmacy. Don’t let anyone tell you that your big GPO will do it all for you, because they will never get involved in going to bat for you in getting the best terms from your wholesaler. “Independent LTC pharmacies need the strength in numbers that IHPN provides!”
Larry Cowan, R.Ph.
Owner, Glenview Professional Pharmacy

IHPN has been an outstanding partner and resource for our pharmacy, and their management and support of our drug wholesaler agreements and generic purchasing have added significant value to our organization.
Richard J. Whitesell, R.Ph., MBA
COO, Medipack Pharmacy

IHPN is an extremely valuable resource for my LTC pharmacy. The wholesaler discounts are very important to my business especially with the constantly changing generic pricing. When my business grows, or more pharmacies join the network, it only increases my rebates.
IHPN is a great source of networking in the LTC pharmacy business. The members are willing to share their experiences and strategies.
Most important Bev, Darren and Pam are always on the cutting edge of business trends. They are always there to help and make suggestions to keep our business competitive. I feel comfortable at any time calling and discussing an issue on concern with them.

Joann M. Seigel R.Ph
Director of Pharmacy Operations
Curtis Long Term Care Pharmacy Services’

What I appreciate the most is the immense support IHPN provides our pharmacy. Your team constantly provides us up to date information and resources so that we can make the most of the incredible services IHPN provides to its members.
Jason Daniels, PharmD
Pharmacist in Charge, Lifetree Pharmacy, LLC

IHPN has been wonderful for our pharmacy. It has meant so much to have you all work for us to negotiate those deals with the wholesalers. It is such a blessing to have a company like IHPN to watch over and help us with the business aspect of running our pharmacies. I, probably like most of us, barely have time to keep up with the dispensing of the medications much less having the time to keep up with all the pricing and reimbursement changes. The monthly reports you send us give us a great snapshot of how we are performing. Your customer service is outstanding and response time to questions is tremendous. I am one happy camper. Thank all of you for all you do.
Charlie Williams, RPh.
ACT Nursing Services