Long Term Care Pharmacies

IHP Network, Inc. is THE ONLY national network of independently owned and operated long-term care pharmacy providers. Our services are specific to wholesaler contracting, management, negotiations and savings. Why negotiate individually when you can be part of a large group to maximize savings?

Our team of experienced professionals works diligently to ensure members receive the most competitive wholesaler cost of goods, rebates and discounts in the market. Unlike other group contracts, our services don’t stop at the negotiation table! We maintain and monitor your account throughout the term of the contract providing resources, services and support.

Leveraging purchasing volume gives pharmacies a competitive edge over their competition while providing flexibility and less worries about individual compliance. Under performing on an individual wholesaler contract can have a negative impact on projected savings in rebates and cost of goods. IHPN brings $$$$$ to the bottom line that you can count on!


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