About Us

IHPN is the THE ONLY national network of independently owned long term care and closed door pharmacies. Our expertise is in wholesaler contracting, management, negotiations and SAVINGS. Our volume driven agreements provide pharmacies lower cost of goods, higher discounts, substantial generic rebates, and competitive generic pricing. IHPN services don’t stop with negotiating competitive wholesaler agreements. We monitor and manage your wholesaler pricing on an ongoing basis to ensure contract compliance. It’s like having an extension of your purchasing department, marketing department, and business development department without incurring the costs.

In today’s environment connectivity with other independent pharmacy owners is crucial to success. Why stand alone when you can receive help and support from other pharmacies to enhance growth and profitability?

  • Coast-to-coast reach
  • 28-state presence
  • 100 plus LTC Pharmacies
  • Free membership
  • Exceptional Support

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